About Zavonet

Hey there! I’m Chelle and Zavonet is my website for everything about digital marketing, writing content, creating websites and earning passive income.

Here’s What I Mostly Write About Here:

Making Money Online: Creating high quality websites that focus on providing good content and value has been the main source of earning passive income online these past 10 years. If you can think of a niche, there’s a good chance I’ve made a website about it..or at least thought about it!

Content Marketing & SEO: Content marketing & SEO are probably the most mystifying things that many people don’t really understand. I’m one of those rare digital marketers who usually sees rankings improve after search engine updates. I don’t even try most of the time, so hopefully sharing some of my tips will help you create content that will help you rank.

Writing Tips: Speaking of content marketing, I like to write. A lot. Technically speaking, I have hypergraphia, so writing for me is more of a need right up there with breathing and often more important than silly trivial things like eating and sleeping. I seriously would write on the walls had the internet not been invented. Most people with hypergraphia are completely disabled by it – I’ve actually been able to channel a lot of it into being somewhat productive – and if I end up writing gibberish, I just upload it into an article spinner. {Just kidding! I don’t actually use article spinners at all…but if you’ve ever tried that “shortcut” I bet you know what I’m talking about!}

Creating Kick-Ass Websites With WordPress: I’m not ashamed to admit it: I’m sort of a WordPress addict. I’m active in our local WordPress Meetup group, am a stickler for security and backups, read the WP Codex for fun, and am not scared to jump into deep dive coding for the right opportunity.

Work/Life Balance in the Cloud: Most of us get into the digital marketing field with a quest for freedom and independence and to do more of what actually matters in life, like spending time with your family or traveling the world. The problem? It’s very easy to get off balance! If you’ve ever suffered from “blogger burnout” or feel like you’re in a hamster wheel of creating never-ending content or have been tempted to commit “social media suicide’ by deactivating your Facebook account more than once, you’ll appreciate that I share a lot of resources and insights to find some balance and happiness in life.

Why Do I Write About This Digital Marketing Stuff?

Call me an altruistic dreamer, but I like to think that every human on this planet has something of value they can share with someone else, and I want the world to be the best place possible while I’m living here.

Most people don’t realize how the internet can make it possible to be a positive difference in someone’s life. For me, that “aha moment” was when I looked at my web stats on the current websites I still own and saw 11.5 million people might have been helped or inspired by something I wrote. It’s reading comments on posts I’ve written that say “Thank you, you’re a lifesaver.” and “You just inspired me to not give up.”

Creating this website has a much deeper purpose: I’d like to help you with digital marketing tips so you can share your wisdom, your talents, your skills, your unique god-given perspective with the world so that one day at 2am some random stranger who is struggling finds your website and is able to solve a problem because of what you posted there. {And if you’re wondering if the world needs you, the answer is YES!}

I’ve always built websites based on things I know a lot about {or a very strong desire to learn!} – so it only makes sense I would finally get around to building a website that shares what it is I do exactly in the realm of building websites and digital marketing.

Anyways, I’m glad you took the time to read a little bit about me – if there is anything else you’d like to know feel free to Contact Me – and of course please do reach out & connect with me through these social media channels: